Successive Approximations

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K. Anders Ericsson, 1947-2020

I was saddened to hear that Anders Ericsson passed away recently, because his research and writings, primarily his book Peak has had a significant positive impact on my life.

His research into what distinguished effective versus ineffective practice was sadly taken out of context to become the cultural meme of the "10,000 hour rule," which I might consider a miscarriage if he hadn't had a chance to set the record straight in Peak, for

Fixing the Door

Tonight's project was a lesson in the problem not being what you thought it was. A few months ago, the front door started "catching" when we went to close the deadbolt. You had to pull the door tight to get the deadbolt to close smoothly.

I thought it might just be the house settling or the door frame shifting, but Steph pointed out the house is almost 20 years old. It shouldn't be settling that

(Most) Everyone Is A Loser

Competitive shooting is an interesting sport because on any given weekend, 60-100 people show up, divided among 6-8 gear divisions. So, out of those 100, 5 or 6 might win their division. Roughly 95% of the people who show up will not win. And yet they show up anyway.

You might think that the rational thing to do would be to only show up to matches you have a good shot at winning. But that's not what people do.

I regularly win local matches that I show up to, but I'm planning my year around Nationals, a match where I've placed 25th two years in a row. I know I'm not going to win. And yet it is hugely motivating


"So, what do we do?"

"We keep her going as long as she'll eat. And when she stops eating, we'll know it's time."

There's no easy way to have a conversation about cancer, even when it's about a cat. But having the conversation over the phone doesn't make it any easier. And so, there I was, sitting there on the couch, talking to Steph on the phone. Telling her the ultrasound at the vet showed some kind of cancer, lymphoma or stomach or something, but definitely cancer. This was why Kassie had been vomiting every day and struggling to keep food down.

But they said steroids could help. Start her on a high dose and taper down and see where