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99 Percent Invisible on the Automat

I found this 99% Invisible episode about The Automat enlightening, mostly because it is a reminder to be humble and not assume your knee-jerk reaction that something is being caused by technology when it actually may be that what you're seeing is a novel incarnation of something very old. The technology is just the shiny new wrapper:

A new restaurant called Eatsa opened up a few years back in downtown San Francisco It was designed

Maurico Miller on Econtalk

On a recent episode of Econtalk, the host interviewed Maurico Miller, who wrote a book called The Alternative: Most of What You Believe about Poverty Is Wrong.... based on his years of running social assistance programs. But what he learned is unique because his programs didn't directly help people. The programs were entirely focused around building a community that would keep each other accountable and help each other out. It was not about handouts or