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K. Anders Ericsson, 1947-2020

K. Anders Ericsson, 1947-2020

I was saddened to hear that Anders Ericsson passed away recently, because his research and writings, primarily his book Peak has had a significant positive impact on my life.

His research into what distinguished effective versus ineffective practice was sadly taken out of context to become the cultural meme of the "10,000 hour rule," which I might consider a miscarriage if he hadn't had a chance to set the record straight in Peak, for anyone interested in the truth rather than the catchy idea.

It sounds as though his death was relatively unexpected and not the result of a long-expected illness. I'm grateful that he didn't put off the project of writing Peak any longer or we may never have had it, and his legacy might be more misunderstood.

Memento mori.

Ben Berry

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