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Inkdrop on Customer Service

Inkdrop on Customer Service

Inkdrop is a service that's a bit like Evernote for programmers. All the notes are in markdown instead of a WYSIWYG editor and it magically syncs them all to their cloud. But what really caught my eye was this section on the pricing page:

Particularly this part:

If lowered the pricing[sic], you would get more customers.

We would like to provide good, quick and warm user support. If we got a lot of users we won't be able to support them all.

Turns out the app is the full-time job of one dev who had enough recurring revenue from it to quit his freelance software job and just work on this. The Silicon Valley, venture capital-funded mindset would say that he needs to hire and scale and start pitching to investors so he can get his exit. But he says nah. It's nice just having something to work on that helps people.

I ended up giving the app a shot, but it wasn't quite for me. I already have notes in markdown format that I sync by committing and pushing to a git repo. But my main ability to search them at the command line with ripgrep goes away if I use this tool, and I didn't see enough utility to give that up. But it's definitely a quality product made by one guy who really cares.

In a tech sector that's always looking for the next unicorn, I think we could use a little more people that just care about doing a good job on one specific thing.

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