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Durable Connections

Durable Connections

Listening to Moxie Marlinspike on JRE, around 1h39m:

"In a sense, I'm glad those things [social media] exist, because they're sort of what we wanted, but I think we underestimated how important the medium is, like the medium is the message kinda thing. What we were doing at the time, of writing zines and sharing information, I don't think we understood how much that was predicated on actually building community, and actually building relationships with each other, and that just... what we didn't want was more channels on the television, and that's sort of what we got."

Very true. People don't have friends over for dinner anymore. They know what their friends are up to because they "see" them every day on social media.

Modern protests, whether BLM or whatever the capitol thing was, are not building community groups. It's just randos showing up to a Facebook event nobody knows each other. There's no structure, no hierarchy, no durable organization the SCLC.

In theory, some protest groups (Antifa? Proud Boys?) are more formal organizations with groups and chapters who may actually each other. They have that and we in the moderate middle don't even have that. We just have Facebook.

Ben Berry

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